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The NewsML Toolkit 2.0 Manual is now available online. This is a detailed manual aimed at programmers using the NewsML Toolkit in their own programs, and includes many examples.
Version 2.0 of the NewsML Toolkit is now available for download from the project page. This version is backwards-compatible with version 1.1, but adds the ability to create and modify NewsML documents programmatically: a Java program can use this library to create a new NewsML document or modify an existing one.
Version 1.0beta of Dave Compton's Application-Level Toolkit (ALT), a higher-level query library for NewsML, is now available from the project page.
Version 0.1 of a Swing-based demo app for the ALT is now available from the project page.
NewsML Toolkit 1.1 final now available from the project page, or directly through this link.
JavaDoc for version 1.1beta now available online.
Version 1.1beta released.

NewsML is a news industry standard for packaging and metadata of news objects in multiple media. The NewsML Toolkit, originally sponsored by Reuters and Wavo and currently sponsored by Reuters, is an open-source Java library for processing NewsML XML packages and for testing conformance.

For more information on NewsML, see

For more information on the NewsML Toolkit, see the NewsML Toolkit 2.0 Manual and the API documentation.

The NewsML Toolkit is hosted by SourceForge; see the NewsML-Toolkit Project Page for information on mailing lists, file releases, and so on.

To check out a fresh copy of the toolkit by anonymous CVS, use the following command:

cvs login
cvs -z3 co newsml-toolkit/

(When prompted for a password, just press [RETURN].)

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