Interface AssignedText

All Superinterfaces:
AssignmentNode, BaseNode, IdNode, IdText, Text

public interface AssignedText
extends AssignmentNode, IdNode, IdText

Text with identifiers and assignment information.

This interface represents specialized text with assignment information attached. All of the methods are declared in the interfaces that this interface extends.

Reuters PLC
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Methods inherited from interface org.newsml.toolkit.AssignmentNode
getAssignedBy, getAssignmentDateAndTime, getConfidence, getHowPresent, getImportance
Methods inherited from interface org.newsml.toolkit.IdNode
getDuid, getEuid
Methods inherited from interface org.newsml.toolkit.Text
setBoolean, setInt, setString, toBoolean, toInt, toString
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getAttr, getChild, getChild, getChild, getChild, getChildCount, getChildCount, getParent, getPath, getSession, getXMLName, getXPath, insertAfter, insertAfter, insertAfter, insertAfter, insertAfterDuid, insertAfterDuid, insertBefore, insertBefore, insertBefore, insertBefore, insertBeforeDuid, insertBeforeDuid, insertChild, insertChild, insertFirst, insertFirst, insertLast, insertLast, removeChild, removeChild, removeSelf, replaceChild, replaceChild, replaceChild, replaceChild, replaceChild, replaceChild, setAttr, setAttr, toXML, toXML, unsetAttr, unsetAttr, writeXML, writeXML