Package org.newsml.toolkit

Interfaces for Accessing NewsML Information (v2.0)


Interface Summary
AdministrativeMetadata Information about the provenance of a NewsComponent or NewsItem.
AssignedFormalName A formal name with assignment information.
AssignedOriginText Text with assignment information and Origin subelements.
AssignedText Text with identifiers and assignment information.
AssignmentNode Interface for nodes with assignment information.
BaseNode Base interface for all NewsML objects.
BasisForChoice Basis for choosing among equivalent news components or content items.
Catalog Resource catalog.
CatalogNode Interface for nodes with a resource catalog.
Characteristics Physical characteristics of a content item.
Comment A comment node in a NewsML document.
CommentNode Interface for nodes with comments.
ContentItem News content for presentation to humans.
Copyright Copyright information for a news component.
DataContent Raw inline data in leaf content.
DefaultVocabularyFor A default vocabulary declaration.
Delta A delta for an incremental update.
Description A natural-language description of a topic.
DescriptiveMetadata Information about a news component's content.
Encoding An encoding step for raw inline content.
EquivalentNode An member within a NewsComponent.
FormalName A three-part NewsML name element.
FormalNameDecl The declaration of a local name and scheme for a topic.
FormalNameNode Base interface for three-part NewsML names.
HeadLineGroup A headline/subheadline pair.
HrefNode Interface for objects containing URI references.
Identification Identification labels for a NewsItem
IdNode Base node for identifiable NewsML objects.
IdText Text with identifiers.
Instruction An instruction from a news provider.
Label A generic label for a news item.
LanguageNode Interface for nodes with a natural language code attached.
Metadata User-defined metadata container.
NewsComponent Container for specifying role information and metadata for news objects.
NewsEnvelope Information about the transmission of the NewsML package.
NewsIdentifier A globally-unique identifier for a news item.
NewsItem A managed set of news information.
NewsItemId A news item identifier.
NewsItemRef A reference to a news item located elsewhere.
NewsLine A user-defined news line.
NewsLines Container for a news component's news lines.
NewsManagement Management information for a news item.
NewsML The top-level NewsML package.
NewsMLFactory Factory interface for NewsML documents.
NewsMLSession Meta-information for a NewsML session.
OfInterestTo Statement of the intended audience.
Origin A subelement in mixed content.
OriginNode Mixed content text and Origin elements.
OriginText Text with identifiers and origin subelements.
Party A list of formal names for people or companies.
PartyList A list of parties connected with the NewsML package.
Property A named metadata property.
PropertyNode Interface for nodes with properties.
ProviderId A provider identifier.
Resource Information about a single resource.
RevisionHistory Pointer to an external revision-history document.
RevisionId Revision information for a news item.
RevisionStatus A new status for a previous revision.
RightsMetadata Information about the rights for a news component.
SourceList A list of sources for administrative metadata.
StatusWillChange A future status change for a news item.
SubjectCode An IPTC subject code from the IPTC Information Interchange Model (IIM).
SubjectCodeItem A single qualified item in a subject code.
Text Basic interface for a node containing text.
Topic A single item of metadata.
TopicNode Interface for objects pointing to topics.
TopicOccurrence An occurrence of a single topic.
TopicSet A collection of metadata.
TopicSetRef A pointer to a topic set to merge with the current one.
TopicUse Information about where a topic is used in a document.
TransmissionId An identifier for a NewsML document transmission.
Update Deltas for incremental updates.
UsageRights Usage rights for a news component.

Exception Summary
NewsMLException A NewsML-related exception.

Package org.newsml.toolkit Description

Interfaces for Accessing NewsML Information (v2.0)

The interfaces in this package allow a Java program to extract information from a NewsML document. The NewsML interface represents to top-level node in the NewsML tree.

Most of the interfaces extend BaseNode, which provides basic navigation and modification method, together with access to the underlying shared NewsMLSession. Most of the leaf data can be accessed or modified through the Text interface.

To create a NewsML tree, you need a concrete implementation of the NewsMLFactory interface, which contains static factory methods for creating NewsML structures. This distribution includes the DOMNewsMLFactory implementation for building a NewsML tree on top of a Document Object Model (DOM) interface.