Interface BasisForChoice

All Superinterfaces:
BaseNode, IdNode, IdText, Text

public interface BasisForChoice
extends IdText

Basis for choosing among equivalent news components or content items.

When a NewsComponent is an equivalents list (see NewsComponent.getEquivalentsList()) it may provide one or more hints on how to select from the list. This interface provides an XPath to the relevant information (requiring, unfortunately, access to the full DOM tree) together with ranking information.

Note that the documentation does not specifically state that basis for choice can apply to an equivalents list of NewsItem or NewsItemRef members in a news component; use with caution until the IPTC clarifies the rules.

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Method Summary
 Text getRank()
          Rank this basis for choice.
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Method Detail


public Text getRank()
Rank this basis for choice.

To get the rank as an integer, use the return value's Text.toInt() method.

Text containing an integer ranking this basis for choice among the others (a lower number indicates higher importance), or null if no explicit rank was provided.