Interface DefaultVocabularyFor

All Superinterfaces:
BaseNode, IdNode

public interface DefaultVocabularyFor
extends BaseNode, IdNode

A default vocabulary declaration.

This class represents a default vocabulary for all formal names that occur in markup matching the XPath expression provided by the getContext() method.

Reuters PLC

Method Summary
 Text getContext()
          Get the XPath expression to match.
 Text getScheme()
          Get the scheme to be applied to any matches.
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Method Detail


public Text getContext()
Get the XPath expression to match.

It is assumed in the FormalNameNode class (in the FormalNameNode.getDefaultVocabulary(boolean) and FormalNameNode.getDefaultScheme(boolean) methods) that the context node for the XPath expression is the parent of the Catalog containing this declaration. The NewsML 1.0 functional specification does not state what the context node should be.

Text containing a relative XPath expression (not null).


public Text getScheme()
Get the scheme to be applied to any matches.
Text containing the scheme string, or null if none was provided.