Interface Encoding

All Superinterfaces:
BaseNode, IdNode

public interface Encoding
extends BaseNode, IdNode

An encoding step for raw inline content.

This class defines an encoding step performed on the raw, inline content. Exactly one of getEncoding() or getDataContent() will return a non-null value, as with ContentItem.

Reuters PLC

Method Summary
 DataContent getDataContent()
          Get the raw inline content.
 Encoding getEncoding()
          Get a further encoding step.
 Text getNotation()
          Get the notation for the data content.
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Method Detail


public Text getNotation()
Get the notation for the data content.

It is possible that this attribute value was intended to be treated as a formal name, but there is no explicit statement in the NewsML 1.0 Functional Specification or the DTD that says so.

Text describing the notation for this encoding step.


public Encoding getEncoding()
Get a further encoding step.
A futher encoding step, or null if none was provided (in which case getDataContent() will return a non-null value).


public DataContent getDataContent()
Get the raw inline content.
An object containing the raw content, or null if a further encoding step is present (in which case getEncoding() will return a non-null value).