Interface FormalName

All Superinterfaces:
BaseNode, FormalNameNode, IdNode
All Known Subinterfaces:
AssignedFormalName, Instruction, OfInterestTo, Party, TopicSet

public interface FormalName
extends BaseNode, FormalNameNode, IdNode

A three-part NewsML name element.

For information on formal names, see the FormalNameNode base interface.

Reuters PLC

Method Summary
 Text getScheme()
          Get an explicitly-specified scheme for the formal name.
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Method Detail


public Text getScheme()
Get an explicitly-specified scheme for the formal name.

This method returns only a scheme that has been provided explicitly in the XML.

A scheme is a section of a vocabulary; this property is useful for partitioning large vocabularies into several parts.

This method is not declared present in the FormalNameNode base interface because an explicitly-specified scheme is not available for the ProviderId interface.

Text containing the vocabulary scheme, or null if none was provided.
See Also:
FormalNameNode.getDefaultScheme(boolean), FormalNameNode.getName(), FormalNameNode.getVocabulary()