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org.newsml.toolkit Interfaces for Accessing NewsML Information (v2.0) 

Uses of CommentNode in org.newsml.toolkit

Subinterfaces of CommentNode in org.newsml.toolkit
 interface ContentItem
          News content for presentation to humans.
 interface Copyright
          Copyright information for a news component.
 interface NewsComponent
          Container for specifying role information and metadata for news objects.
 interface NewsItem
          A managed set of news information.
 interface NewsItemRef
          A reference to a news item located elsewhere.
 interface PartyList
          A list of parties connected with the NewsML package.
 interface SourceList
          A list of sources for administrative metadata.
 interface Topic
          A single item of metadata.
 interface TopicSet
          A collection of metadata.
 interface TopicSetRef
          A pointer to a topic set to merge with the current one.