Interface StatusWillChange

All Superinterfaces:
BaseNode, IdNode

public interface StatusWillChange
extends BaseNode, IdNode

A future status change for a news item.

This information is part of the NewsManagement information for a NewsItem. It indicates future scheduled status changes, such as a change from embargoed to usable.

Reuters PLC

Method Summary
 IdText getDateAndTime()
          Get the date and time when the future status will take effect.
 FormalName getFutureStatus()
          Get the future status.
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Method Detail


public FormalName getFutureStatus()
Get the future status. A typical status is embargoed or usable.
A formal name representing the future status.


public IdText getDateAndTime()
Get the date and time when the future status will take effect.
Text representing the date and time in ISO 8601 basic format.