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Packages that use AssignmentNode
org.newsml.toolkit Interfaces for Accessing NewsML Information (v2.0) 

Uses of AssignmentNode in org.newsml.toolkit

Subinterfaces of AssignmentNode in org.newsml.toolkit
 interface AssignedFormalName
          A formal name with assignment information.
 interface AssignedOriginText
          Text with assignment information and Origin subelements.
 interface AssignedText
          Text with identifiers and assignment information.
 interface Copyright
          Copyright information for a news component.
 interface DescriptiveMetadata
          Information about a news component's content.
 interface OfInterestTo
          Statement of the intended audience.
 interface Origin
          A subelement in mixed content.
 interface Property
          A named metadata property.
 interface RightsMetadata
          Information about the rights for a news component.
 interface SubjectCode
          An IPTC subject code from the IPTC Information Interchange Model (IIM).
 interface TopicOccurrence
          An occurrence of a single topic.
 interface UsageRights
          Usage rights for a news component.