Uses of Interface

Packages that use NewsMLFactory
org.newsml.toolkit Interfaces for Accessing NewsML Information (v2.0) 
org.newsml.toolkit.dom DOM Implementation of the NewsML Interfaces (v2.0) 
org.newsml.toolkit.explorer Simple NewsML Viewer Widgets (v2.0) 

Uses of NewsMLFactory in org.newsml.toolkit

Methods in org.newsml.toolkit that return NewsMLFactory
 NewsMLFactory NewsMLSession.getFactory()
          Get the factory for creating new NewsML documents.

Uses of NewsMLFactory in org.newsml.toolkit.dom

Classes in org.newsml.toolkit.dom that implement NewsMLFactory
 class DOMNewsMLFactory
          DOM implementation of NewsMLFactory.

Uses of NewsMLFactory in org.newsml.toolkit.explorer

Methods in org.newsml.toolkit.explorer that return NewsMLFactory
 NewsMLFactory ExplorerFrame.getNewsMLFactory()
          Get the current NewsMLFactory.

Methods in org.newsml.toolkit.explorer with parameters of type NewsMLFactory
 void ExplorerFrame.setNewsMLFactory(NewsMLFactory factory)
          Set a new NewsMLFactory.

Constructors in org.newsml.toolkit.explorer with parameters of type NewsMLFactory
ExplorerFrame(NewsMLFactory factory)
          Create a new, empty frame with the default title.
ExplorerFrame(String title, NewsMLFactory factory)
          Create a new, empty frame with the specified title.
ExplorerFrame(NewsML newsml, NewsMLFactory factory)
          Create a new frame exploring the NewsML package provided.
ExplorerFrame(String title, NewsML newsml, NewsMLFactory factory)
          Create a new frame with an explicit title and NewsML package.