Package org.newsml.toolkit.dom

DOM Implementation of the NewsML Interfaces (v2.0)


Interface Summary
DOMFactory Shared interface for creating DOM nodes.

Class Summary
DOMNewsMLFactory DOM implementation of NewsMLFactory.
XercesDOMFactory Xerces implementation of DOMFactory.

Package org.newsml.toolkit.dom Description

DOM Implementation of the NewsML Interfaces (v2.0)

This package contains a concrete implementation of the interfaces in the org.newsml.toolkit package, built on top of a Document Object Model (DOM) interface. Most of the classes in this package are not directly accessible by applications; instead you use the DOMNewsMLFactory to create a top-level node.

This implementation does not rely on any specific DOM library. The DOMFactory interface allows you to plug in any DOM library by writing a small wrapper; one example, XercesDOMFactory, is included in this distribution.

The org.newsml.toolkit.dom.unittests package contains JUnit unit tests for the entire DOM implementation; the top-level test suite class is NewsMLTestSuite.