Package org.newsml.toolkit.conformance

NewsML Conformance Testing (v2.0)


Interface Summary
ErrorVisitor Custom handler for errors and warnings.

Class Summary
CatalogTest Catalog-specific conformance tests.
ContentItemTest ContentItem-specific conformance tests.
DateTimeTest Test date/time format.
DefaultVocabularyForTest DefaultVocabularyFor-specific conformance tests.
EuidTest Euid-specific conformance tests.
FormalNameTest FormalName-specific conformance tests.
NewsComponentTest NewsComponent-specific conformance tests.
NewsIdentifierTest NewsIdentifier-specific conformance tests.
NewsItemTest NewsItem-specific conformance tests.
NewsLineTest NewsLine-specific conformance tests.
NewsMLTestManager Top-level manager for NewsML conformance tests.
PatternTest Test Text content against a regular expression.
PropertyTest Test a Property node.
RefTest Test a reference.
ResourceTest Resource-specific conformance tests.
RevisionIdTest RevisionId-specific conformance tests.
RevisionStatusTest RevisionStatus-specific conformance tests.
TestBase Abstract base class for all NewsML conformance tests.
TopicSetTest TopicSet-specific conformance tests.
TopicTest Topic-specific conformance tests.
TopicUseTest TopicUse-specific conformance tests.
Util Convenient static utility methods for NewsML conformance tests.
XMLLangTest Validate the values of an xml:lang attributes in the document.

Exception Summary
ConformanceWarning Exception for a non-fatal warning.

Package org.newsml.toolkit.conformance Description

NewsML Conformance Testing (v2.0)

This package allows an application to conduct NewsML conformance tests not covered by regular XML DTD validation, and to define new tests for local business rules. See the NewsMLTestManager class for details.